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Friday, November 26, 2010

In The Hills Again

Since joining the "Pro" ranks of geocachers (that is, I pay THEM money) I've access to a lot more caches, which is good, but sometimes it entails returning to places I've already been.

Like the hills of Santee!

So today, coughing mildly, I headed out (late, I overslept!) to them thar hills! The sign at West Hills High said 40 degrees, so I put my mittens on.

I parked at the usual spot, a few houses away from the cactus, and headed UP a hill. And after finding a few caches I headed DOWN a hill. Then UP again. Then DOWN again. Yah follow?

Saw this car in one of the DOWN parts.

2010November26 Geocaching 002

Several of the caches had the theme of 'Don't Cross The No Trepassing Line'. The military and and a ranch don't seem to want any geocachers on their land, for some reason, so we must keep a lookout for the white signs. And the white trucks. They got the guards! So, here we see a line white 'No Trespassing' signs heading into distance. Oh, yes, I came DOWN that hill, then UP to point where I took the picture.

2010November26 Geocaching 005

This geocache was so empty-looking I decided to leave the Yellow Man in there.

2010November26 Geocaching 006

I survived the big outing, found twelve geocaches, and pretty much cleared THIS area.

Now, it's on to WEST of the DUMP!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back To The Hills

Since signing up for the Pro-Level membership at I have found a bunch of caches in places I've already been. Been several times, in some cases. So, it's back to the Santee Hills for a bit of do-over.

The sun was just coming up when I made the first find at a park in Santee, off of Mast. The last cacher couldn't find it, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it rather easily.

2010November14 Geocaching 001

I don't know just WHO put all these canyons here, but it is up and down, up and down. Fall seems to be the time to out here, though, not a lot of weeds to stick in the shoes'n'socks, and it it not too warm. In fact, I was wearing mittens for the first hour.

Here are some of the geocaches I found, to show you some of the various ways they can be hidden.

Fake rock!

2010November14 Geocaching 003

Nifty military surplus container reused for geocaching. They know their waterproofing!

2010November14 Geocaching 004

Camotaped Lock'n'Lock container.

2010November14 Geocaching 006

Can you see the yellow container in there?

2010November14 Geocaching 007

Santee Boulders is a popular bouldering spot. I've seen folks carrying mattress-size pads out here on the trails and did not know, at first, what they were up to. No one was there today, so I took the opportunity to pose for some amusing photographs.

Holding up a giant rock at Santee Boulders.

2010November14 Geocaching 009

Being pulled into a crack by a troll, I'm sure!

2010November14 Geocaching 010

Only one Did Not Find for the day, some interesting hides, and lots of successful hill-climbing. And only a bit of sunburn! A great morning out!

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