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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning

Fairly overcast this morning. I got a late start, around seven or so.

I decided to head over to the Lemon Grove area to check out some roads, and a Geocache that my caching partner does not want to look for AGAIN. I found it, THIS time. And I took a picture, as there was a question about what a cache might look like.

2009September19 bike ride 002

Dracula teeth and a Shamu killer whale pencil thingie. TNLN, but I signed the log.

It wasn't a LONG ride, but it was a bit hilly in short steep granny-gear parts. And when you stop to pick up a quarter, and then start to pedal again, and the pawls in the freehub skip, so does your heart, just a bit!

I was looking at an Howard Rozelle aerial image of Lemon Grove on John Fry's site. I was trying to figure where the Lips would be on that old picture. I noticed a street heading up the hill. It seems to be Costa Bella St. (A) on the Google Maps. It is gone now, there is a Honda dealership there.

The freeway bisects it now, but the continuation seems to be named Costa Bella Drive (B). And then it continues up the hill as Costa Bella Way (C). But the interesting thing is over at D there is a street sign naming it Costa Bella Drive!

And now for the Interesting Vehicles!

This beauty just about jumped out at me as I biked by. It's big, it's a Buick, and it looks just like the car in a picture labeled "1950 Buick Riviera" I ran across.

2009September19 bike ride 001

What's sticking out of the bottom there?

I always had a yen for one of these Volkswagon Transporter pickup trucks. George had one, with a Porsche engine. Zoom!

2009September19 bike ride 003

I used to have an early 60s Chevy truck. Here are two mid-60s Chevrolet trucks, both are C-20 models.

2009September19 bike ride 004

And another antenna farm pic. I may have posted this one before. I guess we could title this, "Antennas With Power Lines". This is really only interesting because I talked with this guy once. Must have been on two meters for WAMO, as I don't see him in my log book.

2009September19 bike ride 005

You can see it was still a bit overcast.

The trip odometer seems to be at 102.57 miles for the two weeks.

And it is clear and very warm now!

Moved Saturday

I moved this over from the bicycle blog, as it seemed more appropriate here, even though I was wearing Lycra bike shorts and a Headsweat when I took the picture.

And this is how the inside of your dryer vent looks to a rat, if you don't have a flapper or lovers to keep him out!

2009September16 dryer vent 020

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Do they even MAKE lens-cleaning tissue any more?

I found these on a shelf at work.

2009September09 This and That 002

No, I do not know who Melissa is.

This eBay link won't last forever, but this guy is selling a slide prep kit with some of these tissues.

I deduced from my research that the tissues were manufactured by the Graf-Apsco. Co. of Chicago, Illinois. I don't see any links for the company, perhaps they have gone away.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday Ramble

I headed out this afternoon in the three o'clock sun to pick up a couple of Geocaches. I entered the coordinates for one of them at home, learning how to enter the data. There was a bit of blue language in the process.

I found that one just fine.

I walked down Spring Street through downtown, seeing interesting sights.

Saw this old piece of sidewalk.

2009September04 Walkabout 001

Saw a new piece of sidewalk that was made to match the old sidewalk around it.

The next cache was at Collier Park. There was a fellow in handcuffs over there with the police. Talk about muggles!

2009September04 Walkabout 002

I had a drink of water at the drinking fountain near the old and historic spring house.

Then I entered the Geocache data and found I was three hundred feet away. Walked three hundred feet and found it. The clue was one letter, and it helped.

At Henry's Farmers Market I observed a fellow (in an SUV, naturally) who would rather make a u-turn across Spring St. than go the extra ten feet to through the back driveway to the market.

I would have gone around the block. I'm just that kind of person.

I thought this manhole cover was interesting. I found two little mentions of a Barth Foundry in San Diego on the web. And one of THEM was a dead link.

2009September04 Walkabout 004

Thunderheads in the east! No wonder it is a bit muggy! And warm!

2009September04 Walkabout 005

Happy Labour Day!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bell Teleteacher

I snagged this device of the discard cart, took some pictures, plugged it in, got nothing, and sent it on its way.

It is a Bell Telephone System Teletrainer.
The Teletrainer, in addition to practice telephones, is now an integral part of the program and is available in many Bell System communities. This amplifier and control unit produces dial tone, ringing and busy signals, and makes connections between the two telephones which accompany it. Thus, it helps create realistic classroom situations for developing conversational skills. Not only do teachers consider it valuable in teaching correct telephone usage, but the Teletrainer has also proved to be extremely useful in teaching children with speech and hearing handicaps.
from Bell Telephone Magazine, Spring 1964, as archived on the Internet Archive.  Link to archived article.

2009Sept02 Teletrainer 008

A slightly better view of the knob labels. I should have pried off that Bell System device for safe-keeping.

2009Sept02 Teletrainer 012

The carrying case is quite a nifty piece of luggage, as befits its manufacturer. A closeup of the tag. I'm not EXACTLY sure what a "Telezonia" is, but YOU, especially if you watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, need to check out this link!

2009Sept02 Teletrainer 016

This label inside the case shows how to hook it up. It did not come telephones. All I got was a big buzzing noise when I turned it on. At least it didn't blow up!

2009Sept02 Teletrainer 014

And here we have the back side of the device. Sort of covered up the manufacturer's name. Now we will never know!

2009Sept02 Teletrainer 017

And one last picture of the whole thing, before we say goodbye!

2009Sept02 Teletrainer 013


Now hang up!

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