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Saturday, November 07, 2015


I went geocaching yet again in the University City area. I parked near the library and walked 2.5 miles in various directions to find three caches and not find one.  One of the caches I found was a DNF from a couple of years ago, I spotted it in about fifteen minutes this time!

This open gate seems to present a clear path for any animals that wish to wander up unto the freeway.

I wonder if you can figure out where I took this picture.  One super spoiler hint: a railroad track is to my back.

Next I drove over to Uni High and parked there under their solar panels.  What a super idea, solar panels over the parking lot.  I wonder why a certain OTHER school didn't get to choose that option instead of putting holes in the classroom roofs and having giant leaks.  Eh?

I walked to the East and to the West, and a short jog to the South (twice) to pick up four more caches, and not find one.  Two of the caches I found were ones that I had DNFed back in early 2014.

Every so often the trains go by.  Here is a quick pic of one zooming past.

Same train, a quick turn to the west to get some sort of decent pic, which I failed to do.  I think these two pics were taken north of University High, in Rose Canyon, as opposed to way west of the school. But I could be wrong.

There was about 3.7 miles of walking involved in the Rose Canyon jaunt.  I was pretty beat, feet-wise, when I got back to the vehicle.

I made my way over to La Jolla Colony Drive to find an easy place to park and a luckily quick find, an accidental find at that.  A very clever hide, I could have spent a LONG time there.  It has 17 Favorite points for good reason!

The last cache of the day was that one that Matt and I couldn't get last week.  The Cache Owner had fixed it so I slipped in there to do the deed.  To my surprise there was an ambulance parked right there!  Well, I just waved at the driver, made the grab, signed the log, and left.

Total walking today was a hair over 6.2 miles.

When I came home I found the new super battery charger had been delivered, as promised, in only two days from Georgia, via the US Postal Service.  How about that?

I caught up on my blog subscriptions this evening.   I was very saddened to read of the passing of yet another classmate from high school.  Someone that I actually knew!  That is two that I've learned about in the past month.

John Scalzi wrote today a eulogy for his cat Lopsided Cat.  And that is why I won't have any pets, I cannot bear the heart break of their passing.

On a more happy note Citizen Rider writes of a customer at his place of work (a bike shop) who is 92 years old and still rides her bike.  And her name is Ruth

And that is about all I got for today!.

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