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Thursday, October 29, 2015


The LOGO Madness of Tuesday was not repeated on Wednesday nor Thursday.  The one MIFI I did today synced up nicely.

I found a puzzle geocache after work, albeit with a LOT of hand-holding.

There were no messages on the answering machine from IRS announcing they were suing me in court.

One can't have everything, the air conditioning is still not working.  It was eighty degrees all day in the main room, a bit more in what has turned into the computer storage and repair room.

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Deanne said...

The air conditioning still doesn't work?! Isn't it fairly new? If you hadn't said that was a tortilla & cheese in your previous blog, I would have thought it was a really messy egg. LOL! We've gotten about 3 calls from the "IRS" claiming the exact same thing. BUT---we did find out that when the IRS was hacked someone tried to file their taxes under one of our SSN!!! Nice, huh?

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