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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Up And Down And All Around

I went geocaching this morning.

I may have posted this view before, but a long time ago.  Time for another.  Yes, I went about half way along that dirt road back there.  Which is NOT flat.

I found the cat-themed cache I was looking for and my Hello Kitty coin purse paid a visit.

I selfie using items in the cache was requested, and I complied.

After that I walked most of the way back then headed north up Spring Canyon.  There was ONE cache a mile+ up the canyon.  I was a bit nervous about all the no trespassing signs I had heard about, but the area was clearly defined with fencing and a zillion signs, so no worries there.

I ran into another geocacher and he accompanied me to the cache I was looking for, and I accompanied him to the caches he was looking for.  One was at the top of a BIG hill.  And it turned out he had signed the log before, in fact he was the last finder.  And the e-log he had written was still on his phone, he had forgotten to hit "send".  Sounds like something I would do!

We looked for another cache for him, but didn't find it.  I had found it before but couldn't remember where it was, except I had looked several times for it.  He had too go, so we walked back to the parking lot together.  We had a good time talking all the way, but I was getting pretty tired and my left shoulder had a sore spot.  Having someone to talk to helped ease the walk!

And then I drove home and fell asleep for three hours!

STATS:  approx. 6.6 miles walked, 2 caches found.


Anonymous said...

Those are some sharp glasses!

Deanne said...

Nice to see that the Hello Kitty coin purse is still holding up!

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