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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Back To Work

But first, stuff from days past:

On Tuesday I notice a strap disappearing down a conduit and felt compelled to make a movie of it.  Here it is:  LINK

I took this picture of a pepper growing in one of them hanging pots.  Yesterday, it was, Wednesday.  It's starting to shrivel up.  They get all black when finished shriveling.  I'm quite afraid of them, actually.

Also, one of them little roses blooms from the bush in the pot.

And also yesterday, the tree guys came to trim the tree/bushes growing over and on to the neighbor's house and garage.  Heck, I didn't even know there WAS a palm tree back there.  And what happened to the giant pine trees that use to be back behind the neighbor's house?  Yikes!

Yesterday was the MRI.  Thanks to Valium, a warm blanket, and an eye mask I was able to survive the experience.  It really wasn't any worse than the thirty-some CT-scans I've had.  Although that may be the Valium speaking!  And certainly MUCH nicer than a CT-scan guided biopsy!  The results were negative as far as my spine, just the usual old-age stuff.  No new tumors. just the same ones as before.  I did notice the other day that I can walk on my heels now, so that seems to be improving.

And that brings us to today, Thursday, in which nothing much happened at all, except I finished reading The Girl Who Played With Fire, which I enjoyed very much!

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