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Friday, January 02, 2015

The Second Day Of The New Year

I did not do anything today that I thought I would do, but I did some other stuff.

I went to the Walmart to look for some Dickies as they are the closest store with Dickies.  I looked and looked and looked and found only ONE pair in my size that was in my color, which is black.  I saw one pair in blue and, as much as I hate blue pants, bought them.

I also bought some cargo shorts.  My previous second pair just wore out in the butt, and I was embarrassing, or maybe embareassing, my son when we went out.

I walked through the whole store looking at stuff.  They had orange match containers for a buck, those make good geocaches.  I bought three.

After that I went to a local DIY store to look around for a wooden ball or SOMETHING I could use for a walking stick handle, but found nothing.  I bought two electrical outlets to replace a couple at home.

When I got home I worked on the outlets.  First I turned off the breaker. Then I tested the outlets to make sure they are REALLY off.

I removed the cover from the first receptacle, removed the two screws holding it to the box and pulled it out a little, exposing the screws on the side.  I loosened the screw for the neutral and the hot, noting the the neutral wire was wrapped the wrong way around the screw.  Who does that?  I took a picture but it was extremely ugly so I deleted it. 

It was rather dark so I put on my headlamp, which helped a lot, but my bifocals made it hard to focus, and the darn wires just wouldn't go back  around the screws, so there was much cursing involved before the would go back.  Finally I got the whole mess back in the wall.

On to outlet two!

Took out the screw holding the outlet cover on.  Then I went out to the garage to get my LARGE BLADE KNIFE (like a Stanley utility knife except a different brand) to slit the paint holding the cover to the wall.  Grrrr!

Then I pulled the outlet cover, and part of the outlet came with it!  Not good!

Lookie there, the whole front of the outlet came off!

Well, I took the outlet out, barely, has this one had about an inch of slack.  Not Code, people!

There was much cursing here, too, the wires being even more obstinate!  This outlet had four wires, so there were two more wires to curse.  And again one of the so-called neutrals was wrapped the wrong way around its screw.

Finally I got everything buttoned up, switched the breaker back on, and plugged in the tester. Looks good!


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Deanne said...

Nice job!

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