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Saturday, January 03, 2015

It's Saturday Part Deaux

We went out to Oakoasis Preserve this afternoon.  M. and M. to look at plants, mostly, and me to goecache, mostly.  We saw a bunch of interesting stuff, like an old well and a rusted bed springs, and later a rusted bed frame. Oh, and an old barbecue grill!

Here we are at the last cache, nearly, clambering over big boulders.

We hiked three miles today, and found five caches.  I have an average of 5.5 caches found per day for 2015.  I'm sure THAT won't last long!

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Deanne said...

3 miles. Pretty good. I sat in a car for over 400. LOL! Can't wait to get back on the stairclimber. Two weeks in Stockton is dangerous for the waistline! LOL! Tonight I had a salad for dinner.

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