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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Morning Around The Towne

I got up at 5:30 to eat breakfast, etc., and got on the road by 7:30, because, I was READING, man!  I was reading Honey Baby Sweetheart by Deb Caletti, a pretty good book, a pretty EXCELLENT book for teens, but maybe a tad too many curse words for middle school, not that they haven't heard them before, I am sure.

I gassed up the vehicle and headed over to Tierrasanta.  I had solved three puzzle caches and one of them was in the island "holy land".

The third cache I found today had a LEGO theme, and we were requested to pose the LEGO folk in the cache, which I did.  I'm not sure who that is on the podium with me, but she looks a lot like Brooke Shields, don't you think?

After finding twelve caches in Tierrasanta I headed across two freeways to Kearny Mesa north.  This is about as north as one can to, at this point, due to a fence on the left marked "Government Property".  Not sure what these "rails" are for.  Looking east to the 163 freeway.

Now looking west, which would have been amusing if I had shot the back of my head, the rails seem to lead directly to that building. Hmmmmm.

After finding THAT cache I drove to another nearby spot and headed for ANOTHER cache, each being a puzzle that I had solved.  Which means they were EASY puzzles!  I am quite near the 52 here.  Someone mentioned that this is probably old dump land, and I suspect they are correct, unless normal land had vents coming out of it.

Walking away from that cache I found what can only be an art installation, which I dubbed Three Big Combs With Toothbrush (Travel)

I also saw this ham radio antenna on a nearby roof.  EDIT: It's the Al Bahr Shrine ham radio club station.

On the way home I stopped by the San Diego River and found a cache that eluded me last time even though I spent an hour looking.  This time I found it in thirty seconds.  I found THREE caches today that I had DNFed (Did Not Find) before, and found them all quickly.

So here we see some San Diego River water, a rare sight.

And that was about it for today.  Not a lot of walking, but a bit, and sixteen caches found, Three of them puzzles and one multi-cache, that LEGO one.

What will tomorrow bring?

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Deanne said...

LOL! The Lego themed geocache was so cute!!!

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