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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sunday PM

I've mentioned some of this stuff to several people in several places today...

I was awakened early this morning by the need to use the facilities.  I check my email and found a new geocache had popped into being nearby.  So I made some oatmeal and went for the cache.  Got to the parking spot at around 5:20 AM, ate the oatmeal, then headed across the street to a small field, where I found the quite easily, and so was First To Find. w00t!

When I got home I found, after crossing the carpet, that my shoes were wet and muddy.  Although not as muddy as they were before I crossed the carpet.

I also found one of my new pens, with the orange tape, was missing.  Later I checked the cache log and found the the Second To Find had also found my pen.  I email him to say he could keep it, as a sort of consolatory prize for being second.  And he emailed by his thanks.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, then I fell into some sort of grease-induced coma for a couple of hours.  Or maybe I was just sleepy after being up so early!

Later I scrubbed the kitchen sink with cleanser.  Didn't help as much as I would have liked, though.  I emptied the trash, then I played around with Desktop Tower Defense for a while.

I went through all the piles of paper here and there, sorting them a little.  There is a big pile to be shredded, and the trash is full.  I found four Christmas cards from 2013 that I had never opened.

I did not find the Albertson's free kitchenware stamp booklet that MUST be around here somewhere, and there are but three more days to redeem them.  I have a bad feeling I'm gonna miss this one, must like I did the one last year at this time.  It's a conspiracy, I am sure!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're cleaning off that table. Which sockets did you change?

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