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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back In Tierrasanta


But first:  The inside of one of the electrical cabinets outside the library door. Later an electrical workman got inside the cabinet with an air hose.  I guess he was blowing through a plastic line to pull through a rope to pull the wires through the pipe later? 


And now today.  Yes, I went BACK to Tierrasanta to try to get the caches in and around South Rueda Canyon.  After several wrongs turns and some backtracking I ended up at this spot under a spreading oak tree, feeling quite at peace in my semi-secret spot.

The next cache, due to poor planning on my part, required a climb six hundred feet up a trail (distance, not elevation). I COULD have driven to a trailhead a short distance away from it. Oh well, I needed the exercise!  The red arrow shows where my vehicle was parked, across the canyon.

The cache here was extremely difficult to get to, and there were bees nearby, but I made the find.  One wonders how this car ended up here, though.

I think I may have misunderstood this cache, I thought this was a hat I had to put on. I guess it's REALLY Hermione's beaded (beaded?) bag.

First panorama from the heights of "Hermione's Hill".

Second panorama from the tippy-top of "Hermione's Hill". My personal favorite!

The last cache was beyond an "environmental" No Trespassing sign, so I drove around to the other end of the trail to see if that end was closed off.  It was not.  There is some suspicion on my part that the forbidding sign is fake, I read some mention of a crabby resident who blocks the trail with barbed wire and signs because, well, who knows why.

This seems, on first thought, an inappropriate container to use in a Tierrasanta canyon, but if you don't think about dead kids it's pretty hilarious.  And dry, that is one waterproof container!

I've seen ammo boxes painted in various obviously un-military colors and still be cammoed, maybe this one could have been painted tree color. 

The last cache was extremely hard to get to. After driving to a park I had to go to a canyon bottom and back out again, bushwhacking all the way. Practically.  And a short distance was through pampas grass, which might be better named sawgrass, except there is already something name sawgrass.  I found a LOT of softballs (Farb Middle is nearby), some new, some old, and a soccer ball.  Left them all there.  Found a flying disk.  Brought it out and left it at the park.  And I found this piggy bank!


I found nine caches today.  I walked a hair over four miles.  As far as elevations, the pedometer program says the following.

Segment One:  Four hundred feet down, and four hundred feet up (oddly enough). Felt like a lot more to me!

Segment Two:  One hundred and fifty feet down and one hundred fifty feet up.  Sounds correct.

Segment Three:  Sixty feet down and sixty feet up.  Oh, come on, I demand a recount!

I seem to be up to 3,129 caches found, wth 65 of those finds this year.  My average for this year is 3.4 caches per day, but THAT wont' last long!

Thanks for reading!

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