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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Big Bump Saturday

I got a big bump on my lip.  What's up with that?  Is it related to the chocolate I ate yesterday?  I know not...

Anyway, yesterday I took a picture of the progress on the slap in front of the Library-In-Exile.  They just poured some sidewalk over there by that building, and the mini-slab on top of the big slab.  The big black fence posts are in place, and after I took the picture, in the later afternoon, they put asphalt sidewalk all around the big slab.  It was quite smelly.  I was quite sneezy all day, was it because of dust or am I coming down with something.  Again, I know not.''

Oh, the pic... Here!

Now that was yesterday, Friday, and today is Saturday.  I went geocaching in Tierrasanta a bit, then over to HRO to buy a 2 Meter SWR/Watt meter.  A CHEAP meter, mind you, not one of them expensive Bird ones!  You will note that the prices in the chart (in the link) are for the elements that you plug in to determine the range of the meter. Only.  The price of the meter itself is on the upper-left of the page.

These three pictures are of an area in Clairemont Mesa.  I was on the wrong side of this chasm but managed to find a safe place to cross.

These three pictures are quite large, file size-wise, but they look better bigger, so if you have the bandwidth be sure to click on them!

It's like a mini Grand Canyon!

That is some healthy-looking water there!

The last cache I found today was at Walmart, then I went to Fry's to get some battery holders but they only had AAA size, can you  believe it?  I got one of those, but I really wanted another AA holder.

I looked around at other stuff there (they have real records!) but nothing really grabbed me, so I paid for my 99¢ item and left for home.  A few drops of rain spatter the windshield on the drive, but otherwise it was fine.

I found eleven caches today, and did not DNF (Did Not Find) any.

And that is it for Saturday, I guess!

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Deanne said...

Great pictures. Clairemont Mesa area...John grew up in that area and one Summer a bunch of us lived in a house off Limerick.

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