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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Garbage Day (Tuesday)

A spectacular morning sunrise, among other things, lent an auspicious air to...where am I going with this?

Socks, it is day two of Christmas Socks!


I bought an Icom IC-V80 Sport HT a number of months ago.  Today I FINALLY managed to program it properly. A period of clarity, of serendipity, ensued, and I understood all.  Or at least enough to program in six repeater frequencies INCLUDING the accursed PL (Private Line) tone everyone seems to have started using since I was last on the air a couple of decades ago.  I kerchunked every repeater and they all worked. If only I had the nerve to actually talk to someone!

We had a fire alarm at work today.  I mean, that is what I heard later, because I did not hear the alarm.  In fact I walked nearly all the way across campus to use the "facilities" and back again to find out everyone had evacuated.  Before I even started my trek.  No wonder it was so quiet!  So much for the SAR (Search And Rescue) team I am on!  And even later I found that I was not the only one not to hear an alarm.  In the late afternoon the alarm guys  did a test.  I heard that one!

I shredded a bunch of stuff last night.

I took out the garbage last night.

I postponed my jury duty till summer, did I mention that?

I ordered a bunch of books (five), one of which is a preorder. To save shipping they will all come together, in a month or so.

I been taking care of business!

And that IS all I got for now!

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