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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Up On Fortuna

I got up not as early as I wanted and headed over to Tierrasanta to find me some geocaches.  The first one I found was at Serra High School.  Someone had replaced the missing cache so I popped in there and got it.  First find of the day!

I parked on Playa de Catalina 'cause it's an excellent place to start from.  I parked near a cache there that I had never looked for before.  I didn't find it, either.

On that note I headed over to Fortuna Mountain.  I been there a couple of times before so I knew the route. Mostly.  I passed a group of ten cyclists who were waiting for a couple of their group (to make a dozen?) to catch up.  The trail was up and down, but mostly up. After a time I fired up the phone app and zeroed in on the first cache.  Whoops, actually the second cache, I passed the first cache back there where the cyclists were.  Have to get that one on the way back!  Made the find here quickly, though, then headed on up the trail.

Quite a few people were on the trail this morning, but nothing like Cowles!  Once you get to the North Fortuna Mountain Summit Trail the trail is more interesting.  The third cache I needed was on the ridge, near what I call "false peak".  Named that because it SEEMS like you are at the highest spot, but are not.  I saw a couple of guys turn around and go back down thinking they had found the peak.  Nope!  The real peak is 48 feet higher, I calculate.

The obligatory selfie that I posted on The FB/

And a panorama from the same spot.

WELL, after the peak excitement I headed back down, down to the cache I missed because of all those bicyclists.  Made the find there, then headed west down a side trail.

Made the find, easily, at the next cache.  Here I am with the sword Excalibur, with a "lake".

And here we are at the last regular cache I needed.  Do YOU see the cache?  Neither did I, not for a LONG time.  The phone app was totally pointing me in a different location.  I even checked under the bridge!

When I got back to the vehicle I looked again for that nearby cache, and THIS time I found it!  So today's total is seven caches found.

There are 433 caches in the Mission Trails Hall Of Fame list.  There are four caches on the list I have not found.  Two of them are archived, and so  un-findable.  That leaves two caches, both of which are puzzle types.  I've solved one of them, but am unable to find the physical cache.  The last cache is very very very hard.  I've been begging and whining for hints.  It's an awful sight to see.  I got a hint, but it hasn't helped yet!

Oh, and I walked 4.6 miles today.  It seemed like it was all up hill.


Last week at work I noticed this piece of coaxial cable left over from the old system that we haven't used for at least fifteen years.  It just keeps getting repainted.  Lot's of good copper shielding in there!

And THAT is all for today!

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