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Sunday, January 25, 2015


I am overcome with A.O. (Aesthetic Overload) after visiting the San Diego Museum of Art this afternoon. By the way, don't image search "aesthetic overload" unless you like pictures of bodybuilders.  ANYWAY, thanks to A.N. at work I got a guest pass to see the show Gauguin To Warhol, plus I looked around at the other exhibits.

Being an art dunce I would have profited from the docent tour, and I tagged along a bit, but I was kinda impatient.  I looked a each picture for a while, including the ones that seemed to be a monochrome.  They did not speak to me.  Many others did.  Seeing them in person is certainly MUCH better than a print or book or computer screen.  Especially the big ones.  I recognized many of the names of the artists having inputted all the data for all them art prints we have in the library.

I looked at other parts of the museum, too.  There's a lot of interesting stuff, but you need a bit of preparation to appreciate it.  Probably should take it all in in small chunks!

The one thing I remember most of all was the Modigliani painting Young Servant Girl, and the docent explaining why the eyes are blank, which I never noticed before.

Looking out the window at the stairs I noticed there was construction going on behind the museum. Is that the zoo?   It is!  That is going to be the new zoo employee parking structure.

 There were a whole bunch of hummingbird feeders, too, but no hummingbirds.

Afterwards I should have gone up in the California Tower, but I shall leave that for another day.

OF COURSE there was geocaching involved!  A new cache was published last night, I went for it this morning, and did not find it.  Darn, I would have been first!  Then I drove to Missing Valley and found two caches I couldn't get yesterday.  And finally, I scooted over to Balboa Park.  I did a puzzle cache that involved listening to a podcast tour of Balboa Park, noting various numbers along the way, and assembling those numbers into coordinates at the end.  And then I couldn't find the cache.  Well, eventually I did, but it took twenty minutes and a change of perspective to find the little rascal.  But I felt pretty good because the last cacher, someone with over 13,000 finds,  didn't find it at all.

There was another puzzle cache I tried, but I didn't get that one.  But I did find an Angry Shark LEGO Man!

Angry Shark LEGO Man is attached to a Hello Kitty LEGO (or knockoff) car I found at work. Maybe that is why he is angry?

I did the caches before I went to the art museum as it did not open until noon.  So I spent about two hours there, then I headed to El Cajon to take another look at that new cache that Mr. Wonderful did not find this morning.  Oh, and it had been found three times after I failed.  Well, I spotted it THIS time in just a few minutes.  Maybe it helped to have the sun out.

I guess that is all, tomorrow is a work day!

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