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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Around and Around

I drove down to Reynard Way this afternoon to try for the last two caches I need on the south half of the San Diego 360 Degree geocaching Challenge.  I got the first OK, but then I drove around to a couple of other ones and TOTALLY did not get them.

The arrows show the direction of travel. The green path changes to red to more clearly show the overlapping parts. The two blue dots with numbers show the two caches I found. Click the image to show the larger original!!

 And then I drove around some, a bit lost, then I ended up BACK on Reynard Way, in a roundabout sort-of-way (Who knew that Goldfinch turns into Reynard??), to find the second cache. A very nice cache, by the way, for which I TOTALLY had to use the hint.  Lots of pretty flowers.  Lots of rocks, too!

I drove El Cajon Blvd. all the way back, pretty much, to avoid the freeway during rush hour.

The high temp was 90 in La Mesa, the low humidity was 8%, and the wind high/gusts were 10 MPH.

Let me know if I forgot anything!

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