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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Spring Break Is Almost Sprung

Yesterday I went out to Dictionary Hill and found a few caches.  Here's a view of Mt. Miguel, and flowers, from Dictionary Hill.

On the way home I noticed this smashed RV. Not sure what happened, but one of the white posts to the left is kinda bent.

Saw this nifty Honda CRV today (Sunday).  I have no idea what that thing hanging down over the rear window is.

I hauled the bike to do my geocaching today.  I found fourteen caches.  The bike fell over at point, breaking the lens on my white blinkie light.  Oh no!

I was talking to a lady who observed the bike falling over, she expressed her awe that I was riding on street tires.  Well, it's not exactly technical trails out where I was!

My daily cache average for 2014 is up to 2.5938 caches/day. I'm ahead of my goal!

I rode 9.37 miles today.

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