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Friday, April 04, 2014

Friday Again, Mt. Soledad Again

I walked UP Cardeno Drive, in the Mt. Soledad area, this morning, to find a series of geocaches.  I found a goodly number of them, and some others, but I didn't notice that the series continues back DOWN the Mt. on La Jolla Scenic Drive, so I missed all those!  Here is a view from Cardeno Drive, looking east.

While DNFing a cache I saw these big red things.  After much thought and investigation I have decided it may be a manzanita plant of some kind.

After finishing up with Cardeno Drive I was inspired to try a cache I had noticed that would take the place of that stupid palm tree one on Crown Point I can't find for the 360 degree challenge.  This one was on Santa Clara Point, if you know where that is.  I didn't.  Anyway, after making the surprising easy find I ate my lunch.  PB & J (Blueberry) and a banana.

That went off so well I drove over to the river to look for an un-smiley cache that was cluttering up my sea of yellow.  I observed that his power-thingie blends in so well with its green camouflage.

I didn't find the cache, at first, but I DID find an old cache that was archived four years ago, in good shape still.  I signed the log because, you  know, a find is a find!

I did find the cache I was looking for about twenty feet away.  It was very cool and involved a bicycle part, several of which I have laying about in the garage.  I gave the cache a "favorite" point.

I noticed there was one more cache that all that far away, maybe 800 feet, so I decided to knock that one off, too.  On the way there I found this sitting on the grass.

And the cache was very cool, too.  I gave that one a favorite point too!

That is about all.  I found fourteen caches today, and my daily average for 2014 is currently at 2.4574 caches per day.


Anonymous said...

That bush looks like what Grandma Mize had and called "Natal Plum". If its the same you can eat the red thing. It's milky and sour, but cleanses the palate.

Hope that $5 isn't fake!!

Anonymous said...

Just checked Wikipedia and it says the natal plum, or Carissa, fruit can be poisonous if not fully ripe; the plant is also poisonous. So be careful anybody!

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