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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday, Part Deux

I went out this afternoon to find some of those caches I need to complete the San Diego 360 Degree Geocaching Challenge.  First I visited  that swampy planet that Yoda lived on while in exile.. this area looks pretty dry, but there were several water crossing to get here, from whence I came.

Almost back at the vehicle I  spent QUITE a bit of time looking for the one on this bridge. At least a half-hour.  I'm glad there were not very many people around! I was even under the bridge at one point, and when a runner ran over we were BOTH surprised and scared for a second.  Anyway, SPOILER ALERT, don't look at the picture if you haven't found it yet!

This would have been a very artful picture of some bones, probably opossum, next to the trolley tracks. In Mission Valley. But the phone camera focused on the fence.  That white blob is the skull.

Speaking of dead things, here's what is left of a Hello Kitty earphone that I caught sight of hanging in a bush near where I not finding a cache.

I found six  geocaches, and didn't find five.  I only found one of the ones I needed for the Challenge.  One of finds avenged a DNF from last year.

I am full of hope I will break 2,500 finds this month, and even fuller of hope that I will reach 3,000 finds by the end of the year.

My new favorite song is "Hey now", performed by London Grammar, the Arty remix.  Compare the two!

I can think of nothing else to post here.

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