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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Dehesa Road

This morning there some tree guys brutally trimming a palm tree right down to the ground. Would that it would happen to that awful pest in my backyard.  Perhaps I'll mention it to the manager, since I now have her business card, which she made a point of giving me after telling me I've been mailing my rent checks to the wrong suite number for some time now...

Speaking of forgetting, I think I forgot to use the thumbnails on yesterday's post.  I shall have to fix that, for those people on dial-up!

I drove out to the back country for a few caches on Dehesa Road.  I parked at Sloane Canyon Road and walked to the east for two caches, about 1,500 feet or so.  Then walked back again.  I took a picture of these flowers across the street from Dehesa Elementary School.  Their fire alarm bell was ringing, but I couldn't see any action.

The bell kept ringing continuously as I continued to the west, looking for geocaches.  Went I got about 2,000 feet down the road I heard a fire truck coming.  After I found all the caches that way that I was going to find, I headed back and saw the fire truck at the school.  I saw the children were waiting quietly, unlike certain middle school students I could mention, in the playground.  It must have been hot, I myself was wearing a big hat in the sun, they had nothing.

I drove on down the road a piece to another group of caches, some I found, some I didn't.  Then I drove down to Singing Hills cemetery and parked there, heading out for another cache, which I didn't find.  I figured that since I already paid for a more permanent  "parking spot" there (actually, two), they kinda owe me a temporary one sometimes. I visited Camellia's spot, too, and looked at the turtles for a while.

And after that I headed to Spring Valley for a VERY easy puzzle cache I had solved, but before that I stopped off at the shopping center in Rancho San Diego to look at a cache I haven't found several times before, and this time I found it.

THEN on to Spring Valley, where I found the puzzle cache, and then I went home.

I found eight caches today, which brings my total to 2,419 since we started geocaching in 2002.  My average cache-finding rate for 2014, to date, is 2.3085 caches per day.

Ain't that interesting!


Deanne said...

I'm gathering that you're on Spring Break. Jacob's is next week. Any book suggestions for the lad. He read pretty much all of the All Creatures Great & Small series, Old Yeller, Shiloh, Where the Red Fern Grows, My Dog Skip, the Big Red series, Watership Down. Can you see a trend here? He tried reading White Fang but some of the words were too difficult for him but that was last year so I might have him give it a go again. He hasn't read The Yearling so that might be one. Has to be at least 6th grade level.

Anonymous said...

Strider by Beverly Cleary, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

That there is a Beverly Cleary book I have not read!

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