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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Rainy Morn

Compared to Sunday, this week is going gangbusters!

After the rain this morning, and in spite of a forecast of more in the afternoon, I braved the freeway and went down to Mission Bay (area) for some geocaching.  For to knock down the number I have still to do for the 360 degree challenge.

First, though, I went up not all that far from Marston Middle School for a cache the skatepark.

Now I know where all the ramps from the old Mission Valley skate park went to!  I found the cache pretty quickly, then as I was leaving I talked to an older gentleman who had set up his own horseshoe stake and was getting a little exercise tossing the shoes.

Next I headed down to Mission Bay proper.  I found one in a pipe sticking out of the ground. Actually there were two caches in there, I know not why.  I just signed BOTH logs, just to be sure!

Next I went over to Crown Point Park, where they are setting up for some big to-do, namely, what I'm betting is the San Diego Crew Classic. Looks to be a big deal. Anyway, did not find the cache I was looking for (AGAIN!), but I found another little cutie that took a bit of figuring to retrieve the container.

After that I drove over to the Mission Bay Athletic Area to park.  I walked to a cache by the Rose Inlet that I needed, but because of VERY barky dogs and imprecise coordinates (and, frnakly, a lack of effort) I did not find it.  Back by the vehicle there was another cache that looked fun, so I managed to find that one. I also spotted a baseball up in a tree.

I drove over to De Anza Cove where I did not find one in a tree, but I spotted one on a sign which I knocked down with my walking stick.  Putting it back up was tricky, but I succeeded.

The next three caches were associated with Fiesta Island.  The first one was up high, and again I knocked it down with my stick.  After signing the log I had to think a bit on how to get it back up.  Finally, I used the leather handle on the stick to hold the cache while I stuck it back up.  All without being noticed by all the cars, bicyclists, and runners going past, I'm sure.

Cache #2 was named Edvard Munch, I don't know why.  It had a little skull inside.  Maybe I was supposed to scream?  It was an easy find.

Cache #3 was a lot more tricky.  The phone app was all over the place. First one side of the street, then the other. Nope, not under the garbage can! Back to the other side of the street. Nope, I looked there before. Must be in there. Can't see, fumble with phone camera and flash, manage to turn on Rasa's Govindam, which sounded very odd here. While fooling with the phone I spot the cache. In the fourth place I looked. All right!

The last cache of the day was at the Morena Trolley station.  I had been there before and not found it, and it had been replaced.  So when I got there I headed to spot it was in, right near a parked police car.  Just as I got there I fired up the phone app and found the cache had been relocated.  Back the other direction.  I'm sure the policeman thought I was a little nuts. I signed the log, fired up the vehicle to leave.  You will note that the policeman was parked right at the exit the parking lot.  The parking lot is a one-way deal.  So I'm waiting to pull out when a SUV slows to turn in. So I got going, 'cause I'm in his way, THEN he notices the Do Not Enter signs AND the police car. And decides to go straight.  And then makes a grotesque illegal U-turn further down the road so that he can in the correct entrance.

That was a lot more humorous in the happening.

Believe it or don't, I took the freeway all the way home.

I found ten caches today, and it didn't rain anything but sunshine all afternoon.

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