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Sunday, April 27, 2014

This and This and That

Thursday night I drank a beer.  It was pretty strong.  I think I shall stick to those IPAs or something.

Friday after work I went down to Harbor Island.  Pelicans were diving into the bay.  This is the best of several pics I took. This bird is JUST ABOUT to make a dramatic splash head-first into the bay!

It was rather windy and even a few drops of water were falling out of the sky. Of course someone would want to ride these today.  Why not, one is already wet, right?

A bench mark.  Some people have the hobby of finding and noting these.  I just can't imagine...

Here we have the Quince Street bridge.  There is a Little Free Library right behind me. But it's not on the official web site for Little Free Libraries, so maybe it is NOT an official Little Free Library.  What do I know?

Today, Saturday, I did nothing but read a couple of books and watch old TV shows on television. I washed the dishes, too.  I did not go outside today, but instead castigated myself for not doing so, to no profit.

I DID enjoy the wind and the rain last night!

I am expecting tomorrow I shall be more active. That is how these things seem to go.

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