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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

On Some Nameless Ridge In The Eastlake Area

A very pleasant day (well, a couple of hours) out hiking.  It rained this morning, but it was sunny and windy this afternoon. VERY windy up on the nameless ridge!

Here is a panorama from the second cache I found.

File size 1MB

I have a LOT of trouble getting the panorama mode to start the "scan", I don't know why.  I got five "false start" pictures before this one!

I had acquired a Mickey Mouse baseball in my travels, I was going to drop it in an earlier cache today, but I'm glad I waited for this one.  It goes perfectly with the hat in there!

As mentioned it was REALLY windy up there!

'Cause there aren't enough pictures of me frowning. If my head wasn't it the way there might be a good view of the ocean or something.

Interesting barbed-wire fence strands bonded together with BIG wire and split bolt connectors. And I had to spend an HOUR looking that up, but Google failed me and I remembered it on  my own. And I JUST REMEMBERED, while typing this, that we called them Kearneys, for the company that made them!

File size 325KB

Pretty view of Pt. Loma on the way back.

File size 332KB

Airplane flying over the tower of power.

So I found seven geocaches today.  Every one I looked for!  And I hauled out some trash, too.

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