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Monday, April 01, 2013

Just Out

Went geocaching this noon and after, out to Santee/Lakeside. To escape the blues, don't yah know.

Found seven of eight caches.  A bit of walking took me over the San Diego River, and back again, then up a nameless hill, three times, but only part way each time.

Crossing the mighty San Diego River! A crossing made tricky by bifocals and slippery rocks!

EDIT:  After publishing I realized there was some objectionable I-won't-dignify-it-with-the-word-graffiti markings on a couple of the rocks, which I have edited out.

The cache in the rocks. A very nicely done hide!

A view of the nameless hill from the wrong side of the river. Gotta cross back over!

This one, up on the hill side, was missing its lid, so I brought a cammoed container, put the cache stuff in it, and inverted the old topless container on, uh, top.

View of the ball fields from on high.  I saw on a topo map that this used to be a sewage disposal plant.

Had to go DOWN then back UP to get to this one, which was completely covered by large green plants and VERY hard to find.  Can YOU see it?

This one was not hard to spot, once I got TO the spot.  I forgot to enter the coordinates into the GPSr, or even to print them out, but I managed to figure it out from the aerial view map.  I rock!

Going back UP that darn nameless hill again, I spy a bunny.

This cache had three layers of camo.  Its container color, the dead grass over it...

...and a rock!  A bit tricky to recognize, but there really wasn't any place else near!

That was about it for Today's Adventures In Geocaching!

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