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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Drove the truck back to the repair shop.  Explained it in detail, this time, with hands-on demonstration. The man said, "This is weird. I have the same air conditioner in my truck, I've never seen this before."

Walked back home again, seeing many interesting sights (which I neglected to take pictures of), and this shiny electrical stuff:

A -- Tie wraps?  Really? Is that to Code??
B -- Is that even a tie wraps?  Looks like a bread bag twist tie. Or a wad of gum!
C -- A one-inch piece of conduit? How about a nipple?
D -- Why did you leave the lock rings on both of the connectors on the LR?
E -- That's gotta be com flex, I'm sure it's not to Code for electrical outside work.

Stopped by a tax service and made an appointment, some will be glad to hear.

I was asked, twice, I think, why did I walk from Fletcher Hills? 

Why, indeed...

Walking is much less irking than biking, or even driving.  Only three people P.O.ed me today (so far). One guy on a bicycle, and two pedestrians (one a runner).  And I must say, quite a number drivers of cars were exceedingly considerate to me.  I give them a tip of the Tilley!

Stopped by the grocery and carried a couple of bags of supplies home. We have chips!

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