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Saturday, April 06, 2013

radio radio

Yesterday evening I researched how to take out the radio.  I watched two videos related to the procedure.  No. 1 said to stick a tool(s) in the release holes on the side of the radio.  No. 2 said to remove two screws on the bezel under the radio, then remove the bezel.

I got me some hex wrenches to stick in No. 1's holes.  Nothing budged.  I fetched a selection of sockets (1/4" drive)  and a rachet (1/2" drive), and two adapters so I could go for No.2.  Where is my 3/8" ratchet?  Unscrewed the screws, GENTLY pulled the bezel loos and forward.  Lots of wires holding it, but I reached around behind the radio, felt for the big orange (coaxial) wire, and plugged it in.  Because, you know, IT WASN"T PLUGGED IN!!! 

Replace the bezel and screws.  Amazingly, nothing went wrong!

Tested the radio.  NOW it works properly.

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