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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Lewd Acts

Spent most of the day dithering about, then I washed the clothes.  But first I finished a book, The Water Wars, by Cameron Stracher.  After the clothes were in the dryer I went geocaching in  Santee. And after that I went to the grocery store.

Here is the back of one of the Santee Drive-In Theatre (Their spelling--well, la-di-da!) screens, if you are interested.  From the north side of the mighty San Diego River.


Yesterday we went to a geocache on Harbor Island, but I forgot to bring the, or rather, I printed the wrong, coordinates.  So we went to In-N-Out and then to Inspiration Point at Presidio Park.

When you see a sign like the one at the bottom, you just gotta wonder. Although we wonder at the reason for the top sign, too.

While we were eating a tragedy some proportions occurred.  I hope the local fauna enjoys the Animal-Style Fries!.

After that we went to Petco (The store, not the ballpark) and we each bought some bird seed.

Oh, then, the fumiest thing!  I was sitting at the computer with the front door open.   I heard some woman's yelling about some something.  I do not respond to people yelling in the street, so I payed no attention. But, I finally turned and looked out the door.  There was a car stopped in the street and the driver was yelling to me, "Is this your dog out here?"  I went out to see what the heck she was talking about.  There was a chihuahua out there, a tiny little thing IN A BALLET SUIT!  Yes, I said ballet suit.  I had forgotten the word tutu.  The dog was headed south.  I headed south and yelled out to the neighbors, "You missing a dog?"  "What's it look like?" sez them.  I reply, "IT'S WEARING A BALLET SUIT!!!"  So they come running out to get their little doggy that had somehow escaped from the house.

And of course I didn't get a picture of the doggy in the tutu.

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