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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Une Très Jolie Et Nouvelle Porte De Garage

The little house. It's time for it to go.

Half the roof fits in the trash can.  I calculate it will take six weeks to get rid of it completely.

The garage door guy came out to replace our door today.  I took a day off work, 'cause I got a lot junk in the garage to move out of the way.  Here's an inside corner of the old garage door.

And the outside of the old garage door.

Lowering the old door on to the truck rack.

It's down!

And rotated around.

The guys place the first door segments.

I asked them if they were gonna put more pieces in.  Tom said they ran out of metal segments, so they were gonna cut off part of the old door and use it!  Ha ha!

And, it's finished!

Rolls real nice, and should be a lot more water tight than the old door.

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