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Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Recap

I biked to F.H. and picked up the truck.  The air conditioning now works.  The radio, uh, is kinda iffy in picking up stations.  Like the antenna isn't plugged in. Alas, he wept.

Since I had the bike I drove out to Lakeside and went geocaching in a big loop, passing through the Lakeside River Park and back along Riverside Drive, Lakeside Avenue, and Channel Road. All three of which are, oddly enough, the same road to the ignorant visitor.

Going down the park path I had to negotiate joggers, dog walkers, studious student bird watchers, and a very friendly lady on a golf cart.  I noticed a pile of dog poop with an umbrella stuck in it, the kind of umbrella one might find in ones' Mai Tai, if one had ever had the pleasure.  I pointed out said umbrella to a passing dog walker.  "Dogs" walker might be more apt, since she had two, both of which I had petted on her journey eastward. Now on the return trip, to my comment she said, "That is what they do here."

Sadly, I once again forgot to put the memory card in the camera to record this and other poignant moments.

Later, over on Riverside/Lakeside//Channel Drive/Avenue/Road I was parking the bike in preparation for a stealthy search for a cache when a man (We geocachers call them 'muggles'.) approached yelling something about "Look out for the goatheads!!"   Took me a sec to figure out what he was so excited about. 

After the last cache I rode back to the truck, and loaded the bike in.  My goathead friend caught up with me there and we had an interesting discussion on the distribution of goathead thorns in Lakeside and the resulting bicycle flat tires therein.

Got home, opened a can of fruit cocktail. You know those "Best by" dates on the cans? Two years past is WAY past best.  Into the trash with THAT!  And now a goodly number of the canned goods in the cupboard are sporting are large date, courtesy of my Sharpie Industrial Permanent Ink pen.

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Anonymous said...

That's a good idea, to write the date on the can with Sharpie. I was going to write on something with a Sharpie when I was there, but I forgot what it was...

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