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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Out AND About Today

Went geocaching this morning, over in the Eastlake area on Olympic Parkway.  Found twenty four caches, didn't find three. Walked 7.2 miles in around nearly seven hours.  Boy, are my feet sore!

Here are some pictures:

I identify this butterfly as an Lorquin Admiral (Limenitis lorquini)

I thought "X" marked the spot only in pirate tales!  Actually, it's a couple feet away in the bush.

Didn't find the cache, but I DID find a fake plastic leaf...

Crossing the Rubicon?

Seems to be a classic pose of a Red Winged Blackbird. I saw maybe five in a row, calling to each other.

This cyclist cares not that we taxpayers have spent a fortune building bike lanes for the likes of him.  Also, is not familiar with the concept of letting pedestrians know he is passing before he zooms by. What if I had flung out my arms in an act of irrational exuberance, kabonging him with my mighty walking stick? What then, eh?

That is about it for today!

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