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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Trip

A helicopter was flying white stuff to Cowles Mountain. What could it be?

I drove out to Kearny Mesa Staples to purchase the one of the last three answering machines they had in San Diego. I save a small chunk of coin by telling the clerk that their web site price was less. I am so proud of me! On the way home I went geocaching down an odd little trail.

Lots of pretty flowers on the trail, which didn't show up to well in the photograph.  Trail is well-worn by football fans sneaking down to see what is going on at the Chargers practice fields, which are nearby.

At this point the camera batteries died, so no pictures of the fabulous view of Murphy Canyon (Named for 1860s settler John Murphy).

I can think of nothing else to add, so fare thee well!


Anonymous said...

I saw an article on the UT the other day (I was going to send it to you but I didn't) actually it was a video, about how they are going to be "refurbishing" the trails on Cowles Mountain. Maybe they were taking supplies up there with the helicopter.

Deanne said...

Hey, nice shirt. ;o) Looks good on ya.

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