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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Morning

Drove out to Santee to the Mesa Road trailhead so I wouldn't have to walk QUITE as far to find a certain puzzle geocache.  So far, so good.  Up the trail I went, made the find, and headed back.  I got the bright idea to follow a little trail off the main trail.  There wasn't a SIGN saying NOT TO, so I did. I figured there might be a connection between THIS hill and ANOTHER hill where there was a cache I was looking for, several times in fact.  Well, I headed along this little path, and I'm certainly not the first.  Found this nicely constructed fire pit/ring/circle/whatever.  Undisturbed  gray ash, in use since the last rain?  Hmmmm. 

Headed on along, now the trail is going down into a ravine, and the trail is fading out.  And at the bottom, it's gone.  So I'm bushwhacking my way up the hill, hoping to the  road/trail that I know is up there.  And yet, I keep going up. Up up up the hill, I'm at the top, no road.  Whoops, I see houses below.  I'm on the wrong hill!  The road (that's old Mesa Road, by the way) goes over THAT hill.  So I gotta bushwhack my way down to the houses, which I'm sure both the park rangers and the home owners would be thrilled to see.

Well, I get past the houses and find the cache area.  And find the cache, THIS time!  Fabulous.  So now I head down the old Mesa Road trail.  Well, eventually I find it, it is kind of overgrown.  And eventually I make it back to the vehicle, and home again.

So I get home, I'm on the computer here logging the caches, FTPing the pics, and starting the blog entry, when I feel something crawling around and THIS THING falls out of my hair and on to the desk.  It's wiggling around!  What the heck is it?  Looks like a little twig piece, but it's MOVING!! It squished nice and mushy, I'll tell you what!

Really, people, I REALLY want to know what this thing is!!

P.S.  I took the Last Bag of Pepsi Cans to the recycling today. Got  $11.45, which I shall use for gas.

P.P.S.  Love my new red Sears Vacuum Cleaner!'

P.P.P.S  Totally forgot about the guy!  As I was strolling down Mesa Road/Trail, high above the valley, I could hear some guy yelling various rambling obscenities, religious opinions, and his views on various foods.  I couldn't spot where it was coming from, maybe he was hiding in the bushes.  Strange!


Deanne said...

YUCK! I would have wigged out if I had found that worm in my hair!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess it's some type of caterpillar. Put it in a jar with leaves and branches and see if it makes a cocoon.

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