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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sunday Evening Finally Finished

I went geocaching in the afternoon.  M. called while I was up this hill. Over where you see the backpack is where I was when I told him I needed to put down the phone and leave the backpack. The bit of green sticking out between the two big rocks is where I thought the cache was. Where I am taking the picture from is the cache location.

A bit farther up the road there was a beautiful view.  Here we see Lake Jennings.

And here we see El Cajon Mt.  Which is somewhere we can NOT see in the video (link below), even though this spot is not all that far from that spot.

On the way back down I passed these rock stacks.They seem a little ominous. I don't know why.

I've watched so many geocaching movies on YouTube lately that I was inspired to not make one, but I DID make one of me singing as I walked along, which I something I VERY rarely do (singing, not walking!), and you will see why if you watch the video.

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