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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Last Roundup

I discovered this morning that I had set (MANY years ago) the magnetic declination on my compass to west, instead of east.  It is truly a wonder that I am not lost in the woods!

After a meeting today, far away across the city, I continue to be confounded by the electric conduit and components attached to the the fence.  And why no one takes them down, as they are obviously not functioning.  Pictures from opposite sides of the fence below.

On the way home I went geocaching at a spot I've not been to before.  I have looked at it many times on the map, but it looked iffy.  Well, it went just fine.  Here there was a view down into a little canyon west of the north-south Murphy Canyon, of whom I just can not find any information of, this Murphy person I mean.  I DID find reference to "Murphy's canyon" on page 492 of The National Guard Magazine dated May, 1911.

An urban jungle it said, no kidding! Can you spot the geocache?

You may recognize THIS picture from the other day's posting.  I discovered, today, that this is very nearly almost the exact spot that the Date St. bridge used to cross over the Cabrillo Highway to Balboa Park back in the day.  How serendipitous of me to have taken a picture here!

Well, that is enough for today!

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