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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back To The Pond

I went geocaching in Lakeside, along El Monte Road, this afternoon.  It was very tricky trying to figure out how to access various areas. Yesterday I reconnoitered the parking situation but couldn't figure it out.  This morning I used Google Streetview to check things  and decided to park in front of the old water building on El Monte Road. 

There was one gate with lots of NO TRESPASSING signs, but it seemed to be trying to keep me out of a signed legal trail, one that horse riders were using, I could see a couple!  Plus, there was horse poop! So I went in!

At one point I realized I had misplaced my walking stick.  I went back a couple of caches and spotted it resting.

Selfie with costume glasses from a geocache.  Decided to stick with my bifocals.

I found a green cowboy on the loose.  Who ever heard of a green cowboy?

View of the area, to the east, including Hanson Pond.  Fake smile.

This cache needs to be moved, a "geo-path" has developed.

California thistle (Cirsium californicum). And in focus!

I walked about 4.6 miles (felt like 5!!) and found 16 geocaches.  One cache was missing, but I found the log sheet, so I signed that and reported the missing container to the cache owner, who emailed me to say they would run right over and replace it.

1 comment:

Matthew Fedder said...

That is actually an Artichoke Thistle (Cynara cardunculus)! Not native, alas.

I need to look up when you're supposed to take them if you want to eat them, they're all over the place around here.

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