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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tomorrow Is Another Wednesday

I noticed that the phone cord was offensively dirty, so I tried to clean it.  Being rather flexible it was extremely difficult.  I came up a way to hold it securely, just wrap the cord around the handle of a small broom I had handy!

I really must remember to wash my hand after touching that broom, though, it has lead-based paint and is not to be handled by children.

I got the fox hunting/portable Yagi antenna working this evening. I soldered the matching pin to the coax and clamped the whole mess together.  Hooked it up to the radio and the SWR meter and I got me a 1.5 match.  Good enough!

Selfie with antenna.  The elements, being measuring tape tape, are extremely flexible and foldy.  And very very sharp on the ends!

I also hooked up the attenuater to the radio, but didn't hear anything. Forgetting that it's a 4 MHz offset attenuater. Meaning that you have to tune 4 MHz UP from the frequency you want to listen to...

I need to figure a way to mount the radio and attenuater on the antenna boom, or grow another arm.  Which ever will be easier, I guess.

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