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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Before This Day

Thursday was Pre-Bike To Work Day, with a one-way ride for me, because of...reasons.

Friday was Bike To Work Day.

More pictures at My Bicycle Musings

Saturday was the Transmitter Hunting event at Lake Murray.  I wandered around quite a bit and didn't find anything, but a couple of very helpful guys give me a bunch of tips and let me follow them around so I got the five finds.  On one of them I was very close, but the others I was way off.  I DID spot one transmitter itself before I noticed the orange tape marking the spot.

A link to San Diego Transmitter Hunters website.

It's REALLY HARD to take a selfie while holding a phone in hand, and an antenna with a radio in the other!

Don't I look a joy to be around!

I figured it would be better if I DIDN'T look at the camera...

I walked about 5.4 miles.  Boy, are my feet sore!

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