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Sunday, May 15, 2016

At The Races

I am not sure what I did most of the day, but I DO know I vacuumed the house.  And the keyboard. Which sorely needed it.

Matt came by today and we went to breakfast/lunch at D.Z. Akins, then came back to collect the hat, then went to watch the AmGen Tour Of California pass by on Navajo Road, there being a sprint there.

The riders pass so quickly that I really did not see anything.  I shot a little movie (missing the lead group, of course) but it's really to big to foist upon you.  So here are a few pics I took, and some stills from the movie.

Less and less traffic is coming through as we get closer to H hour...

I think the riders were just coming into El Cajon at this point.

We moved to a spot on the other side of the Big Green Things (which I think are called "kites", but I can find any documentation for that).

When a working photographer hops off the back of a motorcycle you know the riders will be here soon!  I can't explain why half the people in the picture are facing the other way, though!

These four are all from the video I shot.  The peleton arrives!

I missed the leading group, a few seconds ahead, because of technical difficulties (read: I pushed the start button twice instead of once, and didn't notice the video wasn't videoing.

Very noisy with the helicopter above, and people whooping and yelling and banging on the crowd barriers (that white thing in the lower left corner) and ringing cowbells. The usual stuff.

The pack was really moving here!

Here I was trying to snag a good view of the photographer on the back of the motorcycle.

I you were watching the television broadcast you might have seen me on the side of the road via that photographer!

That's all for now!

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