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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mothers Day

On Cinco de Mayo we had a bit of a do in the library for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.

For Mothers Day I called my mother (Yes, I am so lame), then I went to the downtown to visit  my friend.  This new place certainly has a better view than the old place.

We went up on the roof level patio to look around.

I asked him to point to something for a more interesting picture.

From another window was this view of some interesting old roofs.  Isn't everyone interested in old roof?

Of course, there was geocaching involved. On the way home I stopped by one place, parked, and walked a couple of blocks to the cache.  On the ran I ran across this pony.  You may have seen this pic on Facebook.

But you certainly did NOT see this one.  I re-positioned the pony slight to take advantage of a strategically located bird poop.  At least I THINK it was bird poop!

A view of the freeway ramps from near the cache area.

That is all for today!

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Deanne said...

Gnarly poop!

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