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Sunday, May 29, 2016

If It's Sunday, It Must Be Memorial Day

I went on a major hike (for me!) to find a puzzle geocache that I had solved over a year ago.  It has been preying on my mind!

As I was walking along a dirt road I encountered two large dogs, huskies.  At first I thought they were coyotes, then I thought they might be wild dogs, but they had collars and eventually their mistress came along, with a third husky, and we had a conversation about dogs and walking and coyotes.

There were many wildflowers about.  I saw this one.  I shan't try to name it.

A view of a body of water.  It was a cloudy day, which made for pleasant walking.  Unfortunately I had decided to wear my heavy coat with hood, because of the intermittent drizzle.  I was sweating like a pig.

Where's the heavy jacket w/hood?  I took it off at this cache/rest stop to try to dry off a bit.

A kayaker on the large body of water.  Not too many boats out today.  I probably saw seven the whole time.

This cheap Walmart bike with a VERY rusted chain was sitting not all that far from the end of the "trial".  I can't imagine someone rode it there.  I could barely walk it!  The tires still had air!

A panorama of the view from Fletcher Point.  Not quite 360 degrees, more like 180, maybe.

Link to topographic map of area.

Link to Google Images for some more pictures taken by others.

Picture of big water from other direction (Looking east-ish).

Old Glory waves in the breeze.

I walked around 6.5 miles on the main route, and some piddly amounts here and there in other places.  I found seven geocaches, and didn't find one.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it was still quite a walk. 

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