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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pretty Much Yesterday

I managed to snip the palm of my hand with the scissors the other day, and for some reason felt compelled to document how it happened.  So just visualize me cutting the tape a little to forcefully here.

Yesterday I happened to discover some geocaches in a spot that I didn't think there WERE any caches, and by George they were brand new!  So after work I went after them.

I took a picture of each and every one, so...SPOILERS!  Well, since I'm not telling you where they are or the names, you would have to put in some effort to figure that out.  Plus, most of you who might read this are not in the hobby anyway!

A nice large container to start off.  I took the First To Find dollar here, but left anything that was in any of the other caches.

Pretty cute hide in an interesting place. And it's in the theme, believe it or don't.

I've never seen a fence like this.

Lots and lots of flowers were blooming.  I took several out of focus pics to share here.

Another cache. Took me a while to spot it, the coordinates were off a little for me.

Another pretty flower group, but is that poison oak back there?

Icky, is that the cache?

A grinding hole, it looks like.

Another kind cache in them, took me a couple of thinks to get it.

A sort of view of the general area type of picture.  Oak trees and grasses.

Oh, over there.  Nice!

This one was pretty funny!

And this one was pretty cute!

A couple of some pretty flowers.

Wow, I think this one is in focus!

A patriotic windmill?

Probably my favorite of the day.  That expression is because I'm thinking, "I sure wish I knew what kind of plants these are around my feet!"

Scarlet Bugler, I'm guessing.  I had to look that up, I was thinking "trumpeter"

Lots and lots of foxtails!  The socks may go in the trash.

The last cache, which I found 152 feet off the posted coordinates (Fixed by the cache owner very quickly).  Found by dumb luck, let me tell you.  Also found some poison oak while floundering around, I sure hope I don't come down with THAT!

So, I got ten First To Finds today, a personal record that surely will never be exceeded by me.  It's not everyday one comes across a new series of caches.

These were exceptionally well done, I enjoyed discovering each one.  I just wish it had not been foxtail season!

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