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Saturday, May 14, 2016


I got up early this morning to grab some geocaches that were in normally very busy places.  I succeeded in that task, finding one in a Burger King parking lot, and one in at an Italian restaurant that I lasted visited with my Webelos den on the way back from a trip to the desert.

I took these "hair" pics this morning when I got up.  Whoops, I tell a lie, I see I took them last night before I went to bed.  Oh, well, bad hair is bad hair.

I think I like the picture above more than the one below.

In spite of the confusion about when I took the pic, I AM still wearing that shirt!

Marshall Scotty's Playland Park (link to a Youtube video) in Lakeside.

 That's Richard Benjamin in that movie clip, purportedly filmed at Marshall Scotty's.  I don't believe I ever went there my self, but it was certainly a well-known place way back then.

After this I headed back to the city to try to find a series of puzzle caches.  I solved the puzzles for the first three last night, now I had to FIND them to get the clues to the final cache.  I found the first one no problemo.  The second one I was unsure about because the coordinate checker on the geocache page was NOT giving me OK, but then it occurred to me that maybe the cache owner had not updated the checker with the new coordinates since they moved the cache a few feet when they replaced it recently.  Hmmmm.  Well, it was right on the money, found it in short order!  On to the third one.

Picture of pretty tree with my backpack hanging on a branch.  Remember these blurry pics are THUMBNAILS, click on them to see the HIGH QUALITY (well, maybe not-so-high...) images they are linked to!!!  Do it!  I'll wait!

I did not find the third cache, so I had no idea what the last number of the north and west coordinates were.  But I was NOT going to give up without a fight, so I I fired up the GPSr and just kind of walked until the coordinates got to some reasonable proximity, then I would just see what I could see.

I learned two things:

1)  The "Mark a Waypoint" screen coordinates don't change.  I walked maybe a thousand (actually, 548) feet past the spot I was looking for. before I realized that.  "Satellites" view was what I needed.

2)  Wearing shorts was a REALLY bad clothing choice this morning!

I FINALLY got to the general area, read the hint, figured it out, and made the find.  I feel very proud.  Bloody, but proud.

I seem to have lost my coordinate/info. printout somewhere along the way back to the vehicle.  I only noticed when a fellow from a car politely asked to borrow a pen and paper so he could write a note for his homeless friend who was not "in residence" at the moment.

After I got home I piddled around in the garage for a minute, looking through a VERY old box of stuff that had been removed from a vehicle (I forget exactly which one) being disposed of, and found FOUR hair brushes.  I cannot imagine WHY there were FOUR hairbrushes running around loose in any vehicle of mine.

The Ice Cream Cone container-thing was found today at puzzle cache number three, I guess in lieu of finding the cache itself.  The brushes I disposed of.  The Ice Cream Cone I am keeping!

It was sprinkling just barestly perceptible amount this morning. Totally not a problem.

That is all for today, thanks for reading!

P.S.  Just ran across this, thought I would share!  Youtube video explaining Why there are mostly (a lot?) of separate cold/hot taps in British houses.


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