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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Trying To Catch Up

Last Monday I saw these plants with "worms" on them.  We, or I, or something, figured they were Monarchs. As I recall it.  The image is out of focus, as usual, but you can probably make out all the caterpillars.  They are chomping away on the plants.  It was noted that the caterpillars were rapidly departing the denuded stalks for greener pastures!

The chrysalis image matches the picture in the Wikipedia article.

I was trying to locate a secretive location from photographs.  I finally managed to spot it, but along the way I had Google Maps misfire and present me with what looks like a lake with rice paddies.

Here are some vintage photographs I took a long long time ago.

This is the "crankshaft" on a Heisler steam locomotive that  was parked in the Monterey area. I took this on our motorcycle trip north, around 1973 or so.  There is, sadly, no date on the photograph.  I used the Minolta 16-II to photograph the locomotive.  I have some more pictures of the locomotive here.  That page says I took the pictures in 1972, but I am sure it was 1973 or '74.  On reflection, I may NOT have taken this on "our" trip, the wife and I, it may actually have been on my solo trip north, which may well have been in 1972.  Oh, for a time machine, or at least, a time-viewer!

This locomotive was long gone when I came back to visit many years later.  After much research I spotted it in its location in Fremont.  A Google Streetview link showing the locomotive in storage near Shinn St. in Fremont, California.   Here is some information on its trip from Fremont to Tillamook in 2015.

I took some quick photos with the phone (does that make them phonos?) of photographs that I have posted elsewhere, but maybe not all together.

This one shows my bread truck that I bought from that guy whose name cannot remember.  The white car is mine, too.  I forgot who owned that little yellow car.  Is that a Honda?

My un-running Matchless posed with the bread truck.  Which DID run, I swear it!  Also, the tail-end of some guy in Fuels' 750 Kawasaki Triple, otherwise known as "The Widowmaker".

I don't know where my 1970 Yamaha 650 XS1 (yes, an XS1 with a disc brake in front!!) came from, but there it is. That is not my barracks in the background, but ours looked just like that.

That is about all I wanted to share, except for I forgot to mention that at Lake Hodges I met a couple walking their Basenji, and they were curious as to how I knew it was a Basenji, so I told them about reading my mother's book of AKC breeds with exquisite pencil drawings.  Then there was that movie, of course.  "Ah, the movie!" said the woman.  "What movie?" said the man.

Thanks for reading!


Matthew Fedder said...

It looks like the plant the caterpillars are feasting on is in deed a milkweed, "Tropical Milkweed"

Matthew Fedder said...

... Which probably means it was planted specifically for the monarchs to enjoy, so the property owners probably won't be too sad.

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