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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Post Of 2015 (I Hope!)

I went geocaching with S. at Sweetwater Reservoir  Park today.  We found it OK, so now I get my virtual souvenir for the last day of the year.

We went to D.Z. Akins for lunch afterwards.  I had an omelet. With toast. And coffee.

I dumped baking soda and vinegar down the bathroom sink this morning, but I forgot to put any coloring in.  Oh well!

I finally got fed up with this painting laying around in the garage so I went to Michaels and bought an inexpensive frame.  I had a coupon so it was REALLY inexpensive, exactly in my price range.  I was also able to find a piece of felt with adhesive on it, for a project at work where I'm making a book weight out of a big piece of angle iron I found.

This was painted (water color) by an art teacher at work.  I got it out of the trash can a few years ago, I am depressed to say.  It is much cheerier than the Wyeth Evening At Kuerners that has been up on that wall for decades.

Have a good New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Neat picture and knife holder!

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