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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Out To Viejas

On Friday I had nothing to do, so what I did was clean the book stands.  Four cleans ones here, and one FILTHY one!

Also, it rained a bit on Friday, but thankfully not during the fire alarm (real, but not serious).  Here I have left tracks as I get into the vehicle at the end of the day. Office Holiday Party, here I come!

Saturday I did NOTHING at all, did not even go outside. (Well, I did make pancakes) I was rather chilled, though.  I guess I didn't have the heater up enough.  Sixty-sixty five degrees is freezing for me! I put on a bathrobe, it helped a lot.

Sunday I went out to the Viejas area for some geocaching.  I reconnoitered the Viejas trail head area for a future foray.  Here's a pic from the parking turnout. Looking west towards San Diego, I guess.

Next I headed over to the Viejas Reservation.  I found twenty caches, mostly along Viejas Grade, driving over the hill to Descanso.  At one of them I stumbled down a hill and managed to pierce four of five fingers, one of them being a thumb.  Said thumb bled like a pig, and is STILL sore.  I inferred from previous logbook posts that the offending plant is a Spanish Bayonet, a yucca.

I need 130 more finds to reach my goal of 4,000 "career" caches found, but I doubt very much if I'll get it done before the New Year.

And that was it for geocaching today!

The Weather Underground says it will go down to 36 degrees here tonight.  Yikes!  It's gonna be a chilly week!  I wonder if they got any snow in the Lagunas?

I took this picture of the Xmas Tree this morning, or yesterday, or something.  Who says I don't have any spirit?

That is about it for today.  Thanks for reading!

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