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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Several Days In December

I forget where this is.  It was on December 23rd, which was Wednesday.  Where was I?  Oh, I remember, I was at Damon Lane Park in Rancho San Diego!  Yet again!  This was that pic I posted on FB that should have had Mt. Miguel in the background, but, too much sun!

I decided I needed holiday picture for the FB, so I took these.

I didn't make a thumbnail for this one, so I'm using the thumbnail for the next one.  
If you click on the image/thumbnail above you WILL see a different picture. Sorry for my laziness!

This one is better because you can see the musical tie.  Yes, it plays Christmas songs!

Christmas Day we went to M.'s house to eat and see all the relatives and eat some more!  She is taking care of a bunch of birdhouses until the person they belong to claims them, but it's been several years.  They certainly are prettily arranged!  She has a talent for little scenes like this.

Today, the 26th, I went to the flume trail, or at least a part of it, to find a couple more caches.  It turnes that neither of them have been found since 2013, so I added to my list of  "Lonely" caches that I have found.  This selfie is looking down the flume trail, which is not much of a trail at this point!

Did I mention there were no ticks?  Last time, on this trail, there were ticks.  THOUSANDS of ticks!

Later on I drove to another trail and ended up on a hillside overlooking Lake Jennings.

As I was walking back to the vehicle I got to thinking about stuff, that since I have no one at home waiting on me I don't have to be back at a particular time.  On the other hand, when I DO get home there is no one waiting for me but a cold and quiet place.

By the way, I finished Dead Wake by Erik Larson this morning.  Good book!

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