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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday On Some Hill With No Apparant Name, Mostly

I don't think I posted this picture before.  It is something my mother made, possibly a cell phone case. She made some other things, which I did not take pictures of, all of which are for other people.  Ain't it cute?

The other day on the way to work I almost didn't see a bicycle in the oncoming left-turn lane.  See him there?  He actually DOES have a headlight, but I couldn't see it until he was mostly of the way through the turn.  What struck me, and why I took the photo, was that he is barely even in his lane, like he is inviting a car to come up next to him.  I think that is a very bad idea.

I've taken pictures of these before, I just think they are the cutest boxes.  One wonders how many injuries have resulted from inferior office supplies.

So this is how many books I've read each year since 2011, for those who are interested.

And here are the 2015 stats. I like that Pirate book that is the least popular on  GoodReads, only has nineteen reviews!

So to today, I parked the vehicle and head off to the trail head, where I was greeted by this confusing sign.  "Unauthorized Entry Prohibited", but "Dogs Must Be Leashed".

Also, no vehicles allowed.

Can you see the geocache here?

A panoramic view with the sun blazing over Mt. Miguel.  I was right here when M. called on the phone.

There are some peculiar people who log these surveying monuments (and other stuff) at .  I can't even read this one so I am not even going to try.

Looking west with various points of interest marked for your amusement.

I zoomed in a bit for this one, shows the islands a little better.  Still not sure if they are in Mexico, or one is San Clemente island and the other is in Mexico, or maybe it's all just an illusion.

How about this one?  Can you see the cache here?  Took me about 45 minutes to spot.  Well, it took me five minutes to spot it once I had the corrected coordinates in the GPSr!!

I walked about 3.8, oh, let us call it 4 miles.

I found 13 caches today, including one without the GPSr because I had DNFed there in August 2013. The missing cache was replaced, and I spotted the lil' cutie this time!

Thanks for reading!

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