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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's Only Wednesday

I thought I would combine three trips today:  Fix two geocaches, buy groceries, and cash in my stamp booklet for the grocery store game.  Thing.

Well, the plan was to park at the grocery store and walk down a few blocks-worth and check on the first cache, which had been reported missing.  Well, street construction was going on, the sidewalk was blocked, and so there was no access.  Plus, I forgot the stamp booklet for the grocery store game. Thing.  So I went to look at the other cache, with the wet log report.  I found the cache OK, but someone had tighten the top so hard that I couldn't open it.  So I took it home to try the Channelock persuaders on it.  Which worked fine.  I made a new log sheet with a tiny dowel glued on so it could be rolled tight to fit into the Bison-type container.  I figured the construction guys would close up shop around sunset, so I headed back to the grocery and parked.  I walked down to the missing cache's spot, but it did indeed seem to be gone.  So I put a new container there. 

I walked back to the vehicle and got the stamp booklet and my grocery list and went inside.  Got my groceries, and picked out my prize.  When I got back to the vehicle I couldn't see it!  Dude, where's my truck!?!?

You may remember I took a similar picture in this parking lot in March 2011
Next I drove over to the second cache and placed it back in its spot.  Then I went home

Here is what I picked out when I turned in my stamp booklet, a knife organizer.  So now the knives are all neat and organized.  Not sharp, mind you, but organized!

Why yes, I DID edit the grout lines

Oh, I forgot, I mailed the paid bills in on that first trip.  Also balanced the checkbook, but it was November's statement, I was almost a month behind!

Thanks for reading!

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