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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Not Yet Friday

I keep thinking tomorrow is Friday, which it is, but it is not THE Friday, so...

I went to the geocaching event in Santee, last night, where one could walk around a street-loop and view Christmas decorations.  I signed the log at the event then walked the loop.  The decorations were quite charming, and there were many people out for the evening.

Sadly, I seem to have forgotten to rotate the picture, so just bend your neck a bit.  It is blurry probably because it was pretty low light, and it's ONLY a phone, my goodness!

Before I got to the event I was walking along, crossing the street (in the crosswalk with the walk light on) and had a bit of a shouting match with a driver that didn't think he needed to stop completely when making a right.  Well, that seems to be my experience with drivers in this area while on foot.  When I'm driving they seem to be OK.

I was fooling with the stats on Good Reads and found this interesting.  It seems most of the books I've read since 2011 were published in the last ten years, but there are a few pre-1900 ones, aren't there.  Nice!

That's about it for today!

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