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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Up In The Air So High

A number of the sixth grade students who did not get to go to camp for one reason or another got to go on a hike to, and up, Cowles Mountain.  Another adult was needed because of a cancellation, so I was asked.  I agreed, eventually, to go.  I had my hat and walking stick, but only regular sneaker with think ankle socks.  Plus, no UV50 shirt!  Instead I wore my olde purple bicycling jacket.

Here's a view at the top, a bit blurry for some reason.

A half-meg of Lake Murray goodness here.

Some of the teachers who led the adventure.

It was pretty warm on the way down and back to school.  One student got over heated and had to be driven back to school.  He recovered just fine, I hear.  The students got to have pizza for lunch when they got back.  I only got one piece, myself.

Some of the students had never been on a hike like that, so it was an especially good experience.  A few of them were testing the limits of their physical strength, too, let me tell you! 

One more day before vacation!

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